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Cheating Wife In Kingsport For Youin Tennessee
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  • Date of Birth? 50
  • Sexual Status: straightsingle man
  • Images: 2Public

Latest Status: I love to use my toungue ,mmmm my favorite dish,

City: Kingsport , Tennessee

Bio: Email me and let me know something! I'm very passionate and I like to be teased for long lengths of time! I don't push sex on anyone but I like to be pushed into it myself, I love to lick pussy so don't tell me when to stop! I have short legs and long body and I consider myself good looking for my age. I have alot of hair on my body but its not thick, its thin and neatly lays down. I am mr_right_single! I can be your best friend or be confidential. I chat alot so you might just meet me online (most common chats). I am a good natured person so be gentle I'm actually new to this. So be the wild woman I like ,get me out of this shyness stage I'm in, I'll open up soon.

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