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  • Date of Birth? 48
  • Sexual Status: straightsingle man
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Latest Status: The kiss, We look at many things to amuse the eye's, however nothing affects us more then the kiss, would'nt you say?

City: Arab , Alabama

Bio: the mold that was never cast twice. i live life not by way of rose colored glasses, nor is the glass ever half empty. a bad day is a day with out laughter. a good day can be a simple as a smile or second look at something nice. i never let the things i control bother me and the things that i can't control are just that, things i can'y control, so why get ruffled over it. life is but a blink an then its over, good lord enjoy the goods things an look at the bad things as the price of admission. thats all there is to it. now as for me in general if you have read to this point, i realy am laid back. i love life, laughter, friends an goodtimes. i wish everyone of you that have gotten this far the very best of life, love an whatever else comes your way you look forward to. as for me i hope to be a part of at least a memory fondly looked back upon, at the most, who knows.

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