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AfterEllen.com has a gay dating forum for bisexual singles looking for partners. This hookup forum is also great for anyone questioning their true sexuality. If you want answers, this is the site to join.

AfterEllen.com - A Gay Dating Forum For Bisexual Conversations

  • Create an account to join
  • Meet local singles easily
  • Start experimenting with your sexuality


HipForums.com is a gay dating forum for members of all sexual backgrounds. Join the bisexual discussions to talk about everyday life, relationships, sex, and more.

HipForums.com - A Dating Forum For Bisexual Discussions

  • Talk about pop culture, business, and technology
  • Connect on dozens of different subjects
  • Share your personal experiences


BisexualPassions.com - create an account, choose your sexuality, and gain instant access to the gay dating forum. It's a great place to meet people that live near you or just a place where you can express your feelings.

BisexualPassions.com - A Gay Dating Forum That's LGBTQ Friendly

  • Talk about broken hearts and relationships
  • Get advice on how to recover from a breakup
  • Meet bisexual singles that want real dates


Able2Know.org - if you're having cold feet about exploring your sexuality, this gay dating forum will give you the confidence you need. Post your questions on the discussion board to see what other bisexual women and men are saying about their experiences.

Able2Know.org - A Gay Dating Forum That Builds Your Confidence

  • Do you need a push to finally make a move? Get it here.
  • If you're confused about your sexuality, share your story
  • Updated posts are pinned to the top of the dating forum


EdenFantasys.com is a gay dating forum for partners and singles looking to have threesomes and bisexual experiences. Post your wanted ad for responses from locals near you.

EdenFantasys.com - A Dating Forum For Threesomes And Experimenting

  • Find out if you're really bisexual
  • Find women for fantasy threesomes
  • As anything and get answers


SexForums.com - bicurious members are active on this dating forum talking about their sexuality and sexual experiences. Are you a woman who loves to watch your man with other men? Or a man who loves having threesomes? You're not alone. Join other members in discussions like these.

SexForums.com - Tons of pages to explore on this Dating Forum

  • Test out of your bisexuality
  • Play sex games
  • Create a profile to get notifications


Bisexual.com has thousands of active members on this gay dating forum at any time. You can create an account to start chatting with singles on the threads. Turn your profile to online, offline or busy to control who sees your activity.

Bisexual.com - Explore This Gay Dating Forum

  • New members introduce yourselves before chatting
  • Plan you're going to experience your first bisexual experience
  • Learn new sex techniques


ShyBi.com is a dating forum for shy singles that want to learn more about bisexuality. If you're bi-curious and want to see what other people are up to in the bi dating world, try this site. Helpful people are posting discussions to help with sexuality.

ShyBi.com - Try A Gay Dating Forum For Bicurious Singles

  • This site is growing with new members every day
  • Form friendships
  • Ask questions on forums and get quick replies


LGBTChat.com is a dating forum that helps singles with advice on how to ask your partner to have a threesome. If you've been thinking about bringing up the conversation and need an extra push on how to do it, you'll get advice from members who have been successful.

LGBTChat.com - Fulfil Your Threesome Fantasy On This Dating Forum

  • Find out how to explore your sexuality in a relationship
  • Learn how to come out with less stress
  • Get support from local bisexual singles and couples

Hookup Forums For Bisexual Singles - AdultHookup.com

If you're bisexual or wondering what your true sexuality is, AdultHookup.com has the top 10 forums to join to ask questions and get fast, expert advice.

Hookup Forums For Bisexual Singles - AdultHookup.com