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CollegePassions.com - more than sex and dating, this dating forum is for students to network and connect. If you're ever feeling alone and need someone to talk to, this site will give you what you're looking for. Your connections could turn into more than a conversation.

CollegePassions.com - Meet People Near You On This Dating Forum

  • Share dating experiences
  • Talk about school stress and stress relief
  • Get advice from other students


YoungerWomenWithOlderMen.com is a dating forum for college women to find an older sugar daddy. When you're looking for a guy that can take care of you, and maybe help you pay some or all of that student loan, there are guys on here who will do just that. Meet men and work out relationship arrangements here.

YoungerWomenWithOlderMen.com - A Dating Forum For Collenge Girls Seeking Older Men

  • Meet older men in your city
  • Make special arrangements for your financial needs
  • A dating forum that's free to join


TheStudentRoom.co.uk - this dating forum is amazing for college students who have questions and need advice on sex and relationships. Talk about online dating, long distance relationships, jealousy, and so much more. Hundreds of topics are being discussed.

TheStudentRoom.co.uk - A Dating Forum For Students Seeking Relationship Advice

  • It's free to view any post
  • Sign up for an account to participate in threads
  • Meet people online


TheAttractionsForums.com - join this dating forum if you need dating advice and want to know where to meet guys or girls on campus. It's full of great tips and hot hangout ideas.

TheAttractionsForums.com - A Hookup Forum To Meet People

  • Must be 18-21 years of age to join
  • Enter by confirming your email and creating an account
  • Share with friends, invite through your social media pages


SoSuave.net - a hookup forum for college students. Meet singles in your city and school, and start making time to go on dates. Read about relationship issues and post new questions. Thousands of threads are trending now. Create an account to start replying.

SoSuave.net - A Hookup Site For Lonely Students

  • Get great advice on any relationship/ dating issue
  • An open dating forum for all students
  • It's free to sign up and post


ENotAlone.com helps students with dating issues on this dating forum. Trending topics today are all about age gaps and relating dating advice. If you need insight on a May - December romance, you're not alone. Catch up on recently posted discussions.

ENotAlone.com - Read All About Age Gaps On This Dating Forum

  • Meet older men or younger women on this thread
  • Ask questions and get answers from others in age gap relationships
  • Sign up for a free account


FreeOnes.com is a hot hookup forum for college-age students. Post pictures, look for hot campus hookups and view amateur videos. This is an x-rated site so you'll need to register to view content. There are thousands of online members looking for steamy connections.

FreeOnes.com - Get Hot Dates On This Hookup Forum

  • Missed a connection? Post an ad online
  • Join in on a discussion about sex
  • Gain sexual experience


DISBoards.com - if you've dreamt of meeting your soulmate in college, this dating forum will give you hope. Hundreds of students and former students are sharing stories about how they met their partners while in college. If you're looking for a partner, or just want to know if it's possible, join this forum and start participating in the discussion. It's always free to join, and all you need is a free account to start chatting.

DISBoards.com - Meet Your College Soulmate On This Dating Forum

  • There are thousands of active members online
  • You can join any discussion that interests you
  • Post your own threads and invite people to participate

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Being in college is tough enough, and that's why there are college hookup forums for students. Adulthookup.com lists the top 10 to join for online dating.

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