Hookup Spots In The Great White North: The Best Canada Hookup Bars & Canada Hookup Clubs!


Whether you live in Canada, work in Canada, or are visiting Canada, knowing your stuff when it comes to hookup spots is essential if you are looking to get lucky in the Great White North. Finding hot hookups can prove challenging no matter where you are in the world, but in a country as vast as Canada you can't just expect to find hookups wandering around in the woods! Lucky for you, we have already done all the hard work here, spending months researching, contacting, testing, confirming, ranking, and compiling all our information on Canada hookup spots in order to write this guide. With the AdultHookup guide, you can find all the best Canada hookup spots, whether they are Canada hookup bars, Canada hookup clubs, or other hookup spots! Trust us—we are experts!

So, what exactly will you find in this AdultHookup Guide? Well, let us break it down for you. First, we are going to give you a better idea of the hookup climate in Canada via a series of fun facts! Next, we are going to go through our top recommendations for Canada hookup bars and Canada hookup clubs across the country. After that, we will list our complete directory of Canada hookup spots by city—specifically, we will list links to our meticulously researched and prepared guides to Canada hookup spots in a number of popular Canadian cities. And finally, we will leave you with a list of additional resources that you can check out if you feel like we have not given you every piece of information you need to know in the world of Canada hookup spots.

True Facts About The True North Strong And Free

The first thing we wanted to do in this guide is give you a little glimpse at some of Canada's fun facts while still relating them to back to the country's hookup climate. Below, you will find six of our favorite fun facts about Canada and the world of Canada hookup spots.


Canada Is The Second Largest Country In The World: As we have already mentioned, Canada is a very vast country. In fact, Canada is the second largest country in the world, coming in under Russia. Luckily, most of Canada's population lives within its most popular cities (many of which are close to the United States border) so unless you live in an extremely remote area of Canada, you should not have any problem finding excellent hookup spots.

The Weather Is Bonkers Up Here: You have heard all the rumors. Living in igloos. Riding polar bears. Stuff like that. But, truth be told, Canada's weather is not always frozen and cold—it is all over the place! At its hottest it can get up to 113 °F (45 °C) and at its coldest it can go down to -81.4 °F (-63 C). You may think that these weather fluctuations make it a bad place to find hookup spots, but Canadians are resilient and have learned to be prepared for hookups in any weather!

Canada Is Part French: Canada has two official languages that both have equal status across the country: English and French. Of Canada's 36 million residents, over 9.5 million people speak French as their first language—sexy! If you are looking to be as successful as possible on the Canada hookup spots scene, it would behove you to learn at least a few good French phrases.

Canadians Know What They Like And They Aren't Afraid To Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are: Alright, that was a long title just to say basically one thing: Canadians LOVE mac n' cheese and beer. As a country, Canada consumes more macaroni and cheese than any other nation in the world! And, of all the alcohol consumed in Canada, 80% is beer! If you are looking for a fool-proof food or drink order at any Canada hookup bar, it is safe to say that beer and mac n' cheese are a great choice!

Basketball Was Invented By A Canadian Yep, in December of 1891 Dr. James Naismith, a physical education professor, created basketball after seeing a need for a vigorous indoor sport that could be played during long winter months. So, if you have taken a date to a basketball game, ever met someone at a basketball game, or ever bonded with someone over a televised basketball game at a Canada hookup bar... you can thank Canada!

Canada Believes In Aliens: In 2013, Canada's former Defence Minister Paul Hellyer, an educated and respected engineer and author who has no history of being a weirdo, announced that aliens are real and that many of the world's governments are aware of their existence, including Canada's. On top of that, a 2016 survey conducted by the Angus Reid Institute uncovered the fact that 79% of Canadians believe in alien life. Canada also built the world's first official UFO landing pad in 1967 in St. Paul, Alberta. Okay, so this fact is a little silly and does not specifically have anything to do with Canada hookup bars or Canada hookup clubs, but think of it this way: there is no better country in the world to be in if you are looking for hookup spots for erotic extraterrestrial encounters!

Canada Hookup Bars: The Best Bars In The Country For Hooking Up


When it comes to hookup spots, bars have long been the first choice of the western world. This, you know. But, have you ever stopped to ask yourself... why that is? Why bars are the prime choice when it comes to hookup spots? Why knowing the best Canada hookup bars in your area is a hot commodity among the single? Think about it for a second. Good hookup spots need to be accessible anytime you are looking to hook up. Bars are open every day of the year AND they are open late! Good hookup spots need to attract a large number of people and be places where groups want to congregate and socialize. Bars can have thousands of guests come through their doors within just a week's time! Good hookup spots have methods in place to create a comforting, welcoming, and non-inhibiting atmosphere. Bars have low lighting (to make you look better), big spaces (great for moving from group to group and mingling), and endlessly flowing alcohol (alcohol is a known social lubricant). Bar hookup spots just make sense! They always have, and they always will.

Here in Canada, the story is no different. Canada hookup bars are the number one place to find hookups in this country. There are thousands of Canada hookup bars from coast to coast, and dozens—if not hundreds—in your area. Below, we have listed our top recommendations for Canada hookup bars and given you a little taste of why we love them so much. To see more, don't forget to check out our Canada Hookup Spots: Your City By City Guide To Canada Hookup Bars & Canada Hookup Club section below!

Little Jumbo: Located in Victoria, British Columbia, Little Jumbo is the local go-to of Canada hookup bars if you are looking for unique or hard-to-find cocktails such as The Bryden Float (essentially, an alcoholic Root Beer float) and The 'H' Is Silent (a drink combining black bourbon, chipotle-watermelon syrup, mint, lemon, ginger beer, and smoked paprika). They have over 400 spirits on hand and have their own herb garden to ensure only the freshest ingredients.

Pig & Duke: Located in Calgary, Alberta, this is one of the best Canada hookup bars to visit if you are a sports fan. With their wood-panelling, sports memorabilia, and multiple flatscreen televisions, Pig & Duke definitely gives of "sports bar" vibes, but with their extensive Canadian craft beer selection and upscale food options, they prove themselves to be more than just their looks.

Rae and Jerry's: Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Rae and Jerry's is one of the city's best Canada hookup bars. They haven't changed much about their decor or their menu since they were established in 1957, but as owner Steve Hrousalas says, "It works!" It is a great place for both sitting at the bar and connecting with new people as well as taking a date out for a nice steak dinner.

The Black Sheep Inn: Located in Wakefield, Quebec, this is one of the country's most fantastic music-focused Canada hookup bars. It is a great place to enjoy a tasty Canadian beer, take in some serious musical talent, and meet new people with similar interests. While the music is roaring, you can take advantage of the loud atmosphere by giving your mouth a break and getting yourself on the dance floor with one of the many eager hotties.

Canada Hookup Clubs: The Best Clubs In The Country For Hooking Up

What makes Canada hookup clubs different than Canada hookup bars, you ask? Well, there are a few key differences. While both Canada hookup bars and Canada hookup clubs serve alcohol and act as places for people to meet up for hookups, they differ in both their atmospheres, prestige, and central hookup focuses. Let's address each of those three points a little more extensively. First: atmosphere. In Canada hookup bars, the atmosphere is generally low-key, sociable, and non-intimidating. Canada hookup clubs, on the other hand, have atmospheres that are fast-paced, high-energy, and very loud. Second: prestige. When it comes to Canada hookup bars, you will find that pretty much anyone from any walk of life is welcome to attend and look for hookups. Canada hookup clubs though, often require either a membership or a cover fee in order to enter—this creates the idea that only "special" people will be found inside. Third: central hookup focus. When you find yourself looking for hookups in Canada hookup bars, you may end up pursuing a hookup based on physical attraction, mental attraction, emotional attraction, or a variety of other attributes, traits, or characteristics. When you look for hookups in Canada hookup clubs, however, you will find that the music is too loud for you to make any mental or emotional connections with people, so instead, physical attraction, financial attraction, and the attraction of notoriety are the top contenders for deciding hookup factors. None of the things mentioned here in this paragraph are inherently good or bad, it all just depends how you like to meet and pursue your personal hookups!

Canada hookup bars are the best place to find hook ups in this country, after Canada hookup bars. Just like with bars, these hookup spots can be found by the thousands here in Canada, with dozens located in your area. Below, we have listed our top recommendations for Canada hookup clubs and again given you a little taste of why we chose them. To see more, don't forget to check out our Canada Hookup Spots: Your City By City Guide To Canada Hookup Bars & Canada Hookup Club section below!

Circus Afterhours: Located in Montreal, Quebec (what many consider to be Canada's clubbing capital), Circus Afterhours is basically the mecca of Canada hookup clubs. You will regularly find floor-to-ceiling themed decorations, fire-breathers, acrobats, and burlesque dancers here. They kick off the party at 2:00 AM every night and do not stop until 10:00AM, meaning you are able to take advantage of large crowds (their capacity is 1,600) who have all been out drinking and are in the mood to have fun!

Footwork: Located in Toronto, Ontario, this is the smallest of the Canada hookup clubs on our list. Although it is relatively small—with a capacity of 250—it is mighty, drawing a full crowd almost every night of the week. If you are in Toronto and are a fan of underground house music, Footwork will be your go-to for hot Canada hookup clubs!

Open Studios: Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, this is one of Canada's best hookup clubs that is not always a hookup club. Wait... huh? Well, Open Studios is actually just a large event space (capacity is 1,200) that is occasionally home to one of Vancouver's hottest hookup spots. When it is not acting as one of the many Canada hookup clubs in Vancouver, it is also used for art exhibits, concerts, and more. It ha been open for more than a decade and with its warehouse venue vibe, it is reminiscent of the underground hookup club scenes in New York and London.

Distrikt Nightclub: Located in Victoria, British Columbia, Distrikt Nightclub is one of the best Canada hookup clubs in the area, hands down. Undergoing massive renovations in 2014, they are now outfitted with a state-of-the-art sound system and lighting show. They are a great place to hit up on holidays like Halloween and New Years Eve, simply because they are packed to the brim with singles looking to drink, dance, party, and get up to some naughty fun!

Canada Hookup Spots: Your City By City Guide To Canada Hookup Bars & Canada Hookup Clubs

Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, London, Kitchener, Mississauga, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax—whether you are living, working, or travelling in one of these glorious Canadian cities, AdultHookup has all the information you need on the best Canada hookup spots in town! Below, you will find the full AdultHookup directory of Canadian cities which we have included in this guide, along with direct links to their full pages and small excerpts that shows just a teeny tiny piece of the great information you will find on said pages. You will discover many, many more Canada hookup bars and Canada hookup clubs in these pages, so do not think that you have already learned everything you need to know here on this page! For example, we may have only listed one or two hookup spots from Kelowna on this page, but on the Kelowna page you will find dozens of amazing Canada hookup bars and Canada hookup clubs listed. Check out your city below and get all the information you need to find the best Canada hookup spots near you!

Canada Hookup Spots: Calgary

When it comes to Calgary, there really is nothing that comes close to the experience you will get when you visit this amazing city. We aren't kidding when we say this is the best city in the country for singles. It's the third largest city in Canada, but it still... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Edmonton

Winters are notorious in this far-north city. But its summers are equally epic. Edmontonians are eager for hookups all year round though, whether it's in down-filled parkas, or short-shorts. Edmonton has a variety of important industries with varying schedules depending on season. No matter what your work schedule is, the... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Halifax

Halifax will show you the time of your life. It's nightlife promises new experiences and new awakenings. Whether you decide to chill and chat in a sexy downtown bar, or sweat it up on the dance floor of one of the many great night clubs, you will enjoy your night... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Kelowna

Hidden away in the central British Columbia in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, Kelowna is an one of a kind paradise that is so amazing that you may never want to leave. We at AdultHookup like to think every city we review has a little something for everyone looking... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Kitchener

If you are looking to head out for a night of fun and want to avoid the insanity of downtown Toronto and the GTA, Kitchener is the place to go for single people looking to hook up. Located one hundred kilometers west of Toronto, this Tri-City standout has an incredible... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: London

Nicknamed "The Forest City" for its greenery, London contains all the ingredients for a hot nightlife and hookup culture: young adults rule this town, the arts and culture scene is something to be reckoned with, and its small-town feel brings intimacy to all your interactions here. AdultHookup has the best... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Mississauga

This bustling suburb is one of the hottest cities in the GTA for singles right now. Located just west of Toronto, you'll find some of the best hookup bars and clubs around. Not to mention a very welcome change of scenery from the usual Downtown Toronto spots. No matter what... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Montreal

Montreal became a city in the late-18th century. It has been cultivating its nightlife and evolving into the diverse cosmopolitan centre it is today for hundreds of years. Montreal has some very old establishments for your hookup needs and some very new and on-trend places as well. This city has... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Ottawa

Canada's capital city is the bureaucratic and political headquarters of the nation, but that doesn't mean it is a stuffy and prim'n'proper town. The exact opposite is true, in fact, AdultHookup has got the receipts to prove it. Ottawa is a city with natural beauty and gritty nightlife; working hard... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Regina

This quiet, unassuming prairie city might not seem like the kind of place where you would want to be when you're single and looking to hook up with someone new. But the capital city of Saskatchewan has more than a few surprises up its sleeve for those willing to take... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Saskatoon

If you've read our other top hookup bars and clubs lists, you'd know how we're really big fans of those unassuming cities whose amazing nightlife flies a little under the radar. It's those cities where the attitudes are left at home, the drinks are cheap, and everyone is just looking... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Toronto

Toronto is a city for the young, the old, and everyone in-between. It welcomes and includes a wide variety of ethnicities, genders, and classes of people. Whomever you are, and whomever you are looking for, AdultHookup gives you the deets on the best places to hookup in this diverse city... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Vancouver

Van. Vancity. Vancouver. Whatever you want to call this special place, it is unquestioningly a fun city. It is unique in Canada (don't tell Toronto) and Canadians are so lucky to have its forests, beaches, and mountains available for inspiration, wonder, and joy. With so much natural beauty comes the... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Winnipeg

Winnipeg is another one of those unassuming Canadian cities that most people wouldn't think of when talking about crazy nightlife and an incredible bar scene. But as anyone who's ever been or lived in Winnipeg will tell you, it's that unassuming nature that makes Winnipeg so exciting. You get all... Read more.

Additional Resources For More Information On Canada Hookup Bars, Canada Hookup Clubs, & Other Canada Hookup Spots

If you do not feel like you got quite enough information about Canada hookup spots here on this page, we suggest that you

check out some of the other pages included in this guide! If you scroll up, you will see our directory of Canadian cities which we have covered. Click any of those links and you will be directed towards the page dedicated specifically to Canada hookup spots in your city! If that doesn't do it for you, we have also compiled a list of links which you are welcome to explore in order to gain further information. These links, which you will find below, are a combination of new information and of resources that we used while doing research for this Canada hookup spots page (meaning that you may see a lot of the same information in the links presented below).

If you are simply looking to find information on hookup spots in other places around the world, you may want to check out our main Hookup Spots Index Page or our pages for US Hookup Spots or UK Hookup Spots!

Your Guide To Canada Hookup Spots

With the AdultHookup guide, you can find all the best Canada hookup spots, whether they are Canada hookup bars, Canada hookup clubs, or other hookup spots!

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