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FanFiction is here to get you wet! Finding must-see TV a little too PG? Get your hands on some x-rated fan-fiction from one of the top rated sites on the net! Delve into thousands of fantasy worlds for a little fable fun...

fan Anime, Manga, Cartoons, Sex Stories And Comics!

  • Browse fan-fic from books, TV, movies, gaming, and even plays for you theatre junkies
  • Explore what this site has to offer in its creative category crossovers
  • Find new stories, or revisit newly updated naughties!

WattPad offers a strong selection of user-generated fan-fiction to cover all your erotic bases. Read about young virgins being ravaged by packs of wild werewolves, or take a journey to middle earth's horniest hobbit holes- whatever your fantasy may be, we want you to live long and prosper at solo sex! Fan Fiction Sex Stories, Science Fiction, All Kinds of Fantasy Friction!

  • The world's largest community for readers and writers
  • Whatever you're into, it's all free
  • Share and read- discover new worlds you didn't know you'd need!

ArchiveOfOurOwn has an incredible archive of juicy erotic fan-fiction tales to make you squirm. Browse steamy stories featuring titillating TV characters, lusty ladies of literature, carnal cartoons and arousing anime art. This a site to browse that is sure to arouse... Your Feral Fantasies With All Your Fan Fave Sex Stories

  • Fan-created, fan-run, not for anything but sexual profit!
  • Share your own sex stories, participate in challenges, get notified of new content
  • One of the few sites offering pod-fiction to the podcast fandom!


QuoteV's erotic fandoms await you! If you want more than what prime-time TV has in store, check out the red-hot, x-rated acts these amateur authors have your favorite characters doing. Pop your pop-culture cherry and get deep into the fantasy worlds of this wet, pulpy, erotic fan-fiction. Sex Stories In Your Favorite Pop-Culture Situations!

  • Superheroes, Twilight, Fairy Tales, Transformers, and more!
  • Create a profile, share your stories, become a fan of something new
  • Take quizzes and tests for even more interactive fun

Adult-FanFiction is one of the top places to go if you are seeking the arousing adventures that erotic fan-fiction has to offer. Forums filled with tales of fantasy fornications are a real-life wet dream! It's total x-rated bliss! Vs DC Or Hot DnD P In V - Sex Stories for all types of nerds!

  • The place where Final Fantasy can be your reality
  • Let Buffy and Angel heat up your screen once again- vampires, vixens, and all the Whedon-verse fixings
  • This is the place where LOTR stands for Lord of the Raunch!

DeviantArt has more than just arousing imagery. Their section for erotic fan-fiction has some of the hottest undiscovered sensual stories that fandoms can find. The most artful lusty lit around. Rise to the occasion and get your dirty dose of daily deviations! Happy Endings In these Fan Fiction Sex Stories!

  • Sexy Supernatural encounters with the Winchesters to really get you going
  • Steamy scenes between Thor and Loki, a real mouthful of Marvel
  • Forget the words and go right to the illustrated fantasies this site has to offer

TVTropes is more than just a classic TV fansite. Readers and contributors take to the forums to provide you with some of the hottest TV based erotic fan fiction through the exploration of classic tropes. Use the examples they outline to enhance your erotic storytelling so you can really nail it along with your characters! The Ropes Of The Most Tantalizing TV Trope Sex Stories!

  • Browse through hundreds of fan tropes to help you add layers to your writing romp
  • Make use of the helpful indexes and media to better understand the fanfic medium


Reddit never holds back. This is the place to go for all kinds of unfiltered filth but in this case, you can use it to find raunchy reader-curated erotic adult fan fiction. These are fandom tales you won't want to rehash around the water cooler the next day. Downright dirty and NSFW! Your Needs With Red Hot Sex Stories From Reddit

  • Use your reddit account to subscribe to the feed and stay notified of new moist-making material
  • Interact with other users, discuss, debate, fulfill all your fanboy/girl needs

HarryPotterFanFiction knows there is nothing hotter than Harry Potter! Yearning for young wild wizard love? This site offers you the hottest erotic Harry Potter Fan Fiction this side of Hogwarts. Tales of tiny Hermoine and raunchy Ron getting hot and heavy on the quidditch lawn- mowed for his pleasure. Finally, a story better than the movie! Weasley Wand Play And Other Fan Fiction Erotica

  • Read, write, register!
  • Browse the latest stories and leave reviews
  • Filthy fantasies featuring your favorite gang - the whores of Gryffindor!

T-S-S-A is the top television sex stories archive online! This site takes erotic fan fiction seriously. If your filthy fetish is TV, then we've got the must-see material your eyes have been longing for. You know you want a gang bang with the whole Brady Bunch!, Classic TV, Soap Operas, All The Hottest Sex Stories Around

  • Freshest fanfic around!
  • Get access to celeb pics- every tit, every ass, every star! Nude and hardcore photos.
  • Send your stories in and make your mark on erotic boob tube tales

Filthy Fan Fiction Sex Stories Online

If it's raunchy roleplay you're after, has just the sites for you. Fantasy is key in these hot and heroic tales of pure erotic fan fiction.

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