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LitErotica.com is one of the hottest sites online when it comes to celebrity fan fiction! Read hundreds of sex stories featuring kinky Kardashians, raunchy Rachel Ray, or get your group fix with a Big Bang Theory orgy story. The erotic possibilities are endless!

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CelebrityStoryLibrary.comis more than just a story site! With filthy forums and dirty discussion boards, this site packed to the rim with interactive options for all your nasty celebrity sex story needs!

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SexStories.com is one of the top sex stories sites! Read tons of hot celebrity sex stories or write and post your own original fantasies. Kelly Ripa, Jedi's, the sexy sirens of Gotham City- every fantasy scenario achieved!

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Uncover desperate desires for young celebs like Chloe Grace Moretz, Kesha, and Emma Watson. It's time to redefine the term "scream queen".

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XHamster.com has celebrity sex story trends you wont find anywhere else! This site has more than just the tip of what is hot and current in young youtuber culture. Keep yourself relevantly aroused!

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SexStoriesPost.com is a site featuring the Doctor Who's who of TOP celebrity sex stories online! From Courtney Love's hole to other celebrity skins - this site has everything you need in dirty erotic celeb fan fiction!

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Fantasies.com — You know those erotic tales that start out with a young girl needing to borrow a tool from her neighbor? We've got those, but the neighborhood is Hollywood, the girl is Taylor Swift, and she about to get the screw she was looking for! This site has every celebrity sex scenario imaginable.

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PornoBites.com Looking for dark fantasy torture in the underworld with Kate Beckinsale? Or maybe a tell-all encounter from Brad Pitt's babysitter? This site has hardcore Hollywood sex stories that only the most obsessive fans could write!

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ASSTR.com brings you the BEST stories of erotic celebrity pleasure on the net. This site is prepared to take from A to Z- a variety of celeb sex from ABBA to Zappa! It's not just musicians, we've also got the babes who bang them- Heather Locklear, Monica Lewinsky, and Lori Loughlin.

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CelebFanForum.com — This site offers more than just sexy celebrity stories and epic erotic fiction. Organized by celeb, you can find stats that give you just as much pleasure as the descriptions of depravity these fans have laid out! An A-List site for hot Hollywood action!

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