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ThatsEmbarrassing.com is a site dedicated to the top stories of the worlds most embarrassing sexual encounters. Featuring true life tales, and embellished erotic sagas of utter humiliation. Get wet, but don't slip and fall- unless you want to write about it!

ThatsEmbarrassing.com:True Life Embarrassing Sex Stories

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LitErotica.com is one of the hottest sources for distastefully distressing stories of erotic humiliation. Original sex stories that are sure to make you cringe. From political sex crimes to high school losers. This site is just downright embarrassing for everyone.

LitErotica.com:The Best Site For Cringeworthy Sex Stories

  • New awkward stories added daily
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SexStories.com is one of the top sex story sites with sections focused on humiliation and embarrassing erotica. Considered one of the best places to vigorously showcase your own shameful smut. Don't risk your own embarrassment- you're gonna need an incognito browser for this!

SexStories.com:The Most Uncomfortable And Uncompromising Sex Stories This Side Of The Web

  • Read about startling sleepover experiences or sexual scenarios under hypnosis
  • Stories of steam room disasters and the stickiest home-ec situations high-school has to offer
  • Indulge in grossly uncomfortable acts and accidental texts from lovers to mothers!


NewSexStory.com — If you get turned on by the sexual embarrassments of others, then this is the site for you! Utterly humiliating sex stories to knock you off your high horse- because we can all relate! Completely engross yourself in this stories of stimulating shame.

NewSexStory.com:Embarrassingly True Sex Stories For You!

  • With stories about personal grooming accidents and sorority hazings gone completely wrong
  • User-generated content featuring first dates and first times!


SexStoriesPost.comis simple and easy to use. We just want to make that clear so it enhances your own personal embarrassment when you can't figure it out! Lean into it and let it add to the arousal when you're scrolling through some of the most humiliating sex stories online!

SexStoriesPost.com:Endless Embarrassing Sex Stories To Embark Upon!

  • Totally free for your viewing, and solo touching pleasure
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  • Dear diary style entries sure to make you wet with no regret


SexStories-All.com —Providing you with anxiety-inducing tales as shameful as humiliating sex stories can get. Quick and easy access to filthy fictional encounters and entirely true retellings of torturous sexual embarrassments...

SexStories-All.com:It's Easy, It's Embarrassing, It's Sex Stories That Are Erotic AF!

  • Dive into embarrassing sex, parents walking in, teachers touch, wedding mishaps and more!
  • Options include Fiction, Non-Fiction, Mistakes, School/Work Encounters, Online Porn Accidents.
  • Awkward encounters with celebs, troubling travel tales, and more unwanted attention than you could have bargained for!


Fantasies.com — Ever accidentally say or do the wrong thing your first time at a gang bang? Find humiliating sex stories like this and more on one of the raunchiest embarrassing erotica sites currently active on the world wide web!

Fantasies.com:Get Flush And Flustered With Humiliating Sex Stories

  • Submit your own embarrassing erotic tale, or just tell us about your first time- cause no one is humiliation free in that department.
  • Read about blackmail, doctor visits, change room romps, mother-in-law mix-ups, and other such humbling experiences


NSFWStories.com knows that there is no story more embarrassing than the one about you getting caught viewing this site at work! We say TEMPT FATE. This site has the top humiliation sex stories you'll ever find online. Demeaning discoveries await you...

NSFWStories.com:You Clicked On A Sex Stories Site At Work And You Should Be Embarrassed!

  • Sign up, sign in, add a story, take a deep breath and re-live that embarrassment for the sexual pleasure of others!
  • Nasty near-misses with nudists, slut-shaming, mortifying micropenis stories and more!


HumiliationStories.com specializes in sissy stories of the weak male variety. Don't worry if that's not your thing, these humiliating sex stories also explore other themes within each sissy boy tale. Man, have we got embarrassing stories for you...

HumiliationStories.com:Sissy Boys And Their Sex Toys: Accidental Sex Stories Just Waiting To Happen

  • Quality standards of x-rated stories featuring the emotional and psychological humiliation of submissive sex partners - HOT STUFF!
  • Read on and find out what it truly takes to please real dominant men


PornoBites.com is THE TOP site for humiliation sex stories and erotic fictions. It's free, but not free from embarrassment!. Read about cross dressing confusion, or the many ways one can shame themselves in front of an exclusive sex cult. It's tough and rough, the way we know you like it...

PornoBites.com:Mortifying Masturbation Sex Stories Right In The Palm Of Your Hand!

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  • From Big Black Cocks to the Small Dick Club- we've got all the worrisome ways to whip it out!

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