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LitErotica.comis one of the hottest site for budding babes telling all in their first-time sex stories. Virginity loss has never been so hot! First-time Anal, First-time with an older lover- So many stories to choose from...

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SexStories.com is one of the top erotica sites for first-time sex stories. Read stories about the first time she came, and you'll never be the same. Sex-life changing experiences for the writer, and the reader! Slide into the wettest reads around...

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NewSexStory.com — If you get turned on by the teenage virginity loss, then this is the site for you! First-time sex stories to make you rock hard and moist. Indulge in these first-time fuckings and naughty slumber party tales absolutely free!

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Fantasies.com — We all fantasized about how amazing our first time would be. Now you can read true first-time sex stories from one of the internet's leading erotic fiction sites. Stories about the young and inexperienced are just waiting to make you wet, with no regret.

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SOC.UCSB.edu — This site offers totally true virginity loss stories from humiliating and awkward negative experiences, to triumphant tales of first love, pleasure, and intimacy. Real people recount the defining moment in their sexual lives, baring all for you to see!

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Oh to be young! First love, first kiss, first fondle- Adulthookup.com gives you first-time sex stories, so you can re-live all that youthful heavy petting!

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