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Girls Trying To Get Laid In Dentonin Texas
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  • Date of Birth? 52
  • Sexual Status: straightsingle man
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Latest Status: To please a woman is such a huge turn on. Is that bad?

City: Denton , Texas

Bio: hmmmmm.. ok some inside jokes and hints X Gymnast never get old - They just can't remount in sixty seconds.... course... we never fall off either :p Gymnast Guys can stretch it further (and deeper and longer :p ) Adventures are abound ------------------------------------ Details Balding, very slender but athletic (X gymnast guy). Intelligent yet wise enough to shut up. Humble yet strong. Wise and soft spoken (but can play otherwise at the ah hum..... right times :D ) Former Nationally Ranked college Athlete, Professional, discrete, in excellent shape (but not bulging in muscle) babe faced with grey of earned maturity. Single (widowed- car accident). From a family of swingers and "Family" nudist. Seen every body type, age and profession that ever existed.... naked. Raised surrounded by handicapped babes, and high level athletes. Gives me a much broader view of the world. reachable via Mogcamp at XhotQmaWldotRcomZ (remove Capitol letters) . orrrrrr... via Yawho Msngr g_penney

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