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It used to be that what made finding good sites to watch celebrity sex tapes was that the speed of the internet, along with the relative newness of celebrity porn videos even existing. The connection speed that most users were surfing the web at made the redistribution of the tapes more difficult, and because there wasn't really any legal precedent surrounding them, the celebs caught with their pants down (literally) were filing huge lawsuits against the sites that were distributing their sex tapes. Without knowing how courts would rule, that was a big risk to take, regardless of how huge the obvious demand for the product was. Those days are over though, and we've got you covered with a bit of a fun look at the history of celebrity sex tapes, and a handy directory to find the best links to turn your computer screen into a celebrity porn tube. So bookmark this page because AdultHookup.com has the only pornstar porn and celebrity sex tape director that you need!

The First Celebrity Sex Tape


One of first leaked celebrity sex tapes was Pamela Anderson Lee and Tommy Lee's. Pamela Anderson Lee was an extremely popular actress who was best known for her role as C. J. Parker on the long running television show, Baywatch. Tommy Lee was a famous rock n roller whose biggest claim to fame was being the drummer for the "Kickstart My Heart" rock band, Motley Crue. The combined level of fame between the two of them hasn't come even close to being matched by another celebrity couple since. There are rumors of a sex tape starring Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, which would obviously have more star power, but despite rumors, the tape hasn't surfaced. The size of the Pamela and Tommy honeymoon video can't really be fully explained unless you lived when it came out. The tape, which featured a lot of them having sex on a boat, and a lot of them just hanging out and videotaping each other in various stages of undress, was a game changer. Before that moment, any fantasizing about an actor or musician that you had a crush on was just that; fantasy. Even if an actor took off their clothes for a sex scene in a movie, that's far from the same thing as seeing video footage of them ACTUALLY having sex. There are no nipple pasties or socks to cover up junk in sex tapes. No strategically placed sheets, or covering shadows to keep you from seeing everything.

Considering how obsessed with celebrities we are as a society, the release of Pam and Tommy's sex tape was like discovering a whole new genre of pornography. Of course we wanted to see famous people have sex. We just didn't think that it was something that we'd be able to actually do. We thought that we'd always just have to be satisfied wearing out those minute-long sex scenes on VHS tapes of our favorite erotic thrillers.

Birth of a New Genre of Porn


In the 1990's, if you wanted to buy a new album by your favorite band, or movie starring your favorite actor, there's a very good chance that you'd do it at a Tower Records. To give you an idea of how big Tower Records once was... There's been a documentary made about the rise and fall of the record store chain by Tom Hanks' son. So Tower was the biggest record store chain in North America. We remember vividly one day in 1998 or 1999, perusing the DVD shelves of a local Tower Records, and seeing a DVD of "Pam & Tommy Lee: Hardcore & Uncensored". Right there alongside other bootleg DVDs and VHS tapes of band concerts or gonzo documentaries. Tower Records didn't even have a porn section. The couple's sex tape was just such a huge "release" and something that customers had clearly requested enough, that the mega-chain just decided to order in some copies since there was clearly enough demand for it. Hardcore pornography was being stocked on the same shelves as mainstream movies, and outsold a lot of those movies.

With the popularity (and success) of the Pam and Tommy Lee sex tape, one thing was clear. This was a new genre of pornography, and people wanted more of them.

The New Wave

Years passed without another celebrity sextape being released into the world, but once that drought ended, it seems as though there's at least a few new tapes finding their way out into the world each year.


One of the most famous examples is the tape that was made by Hilton Hotels heiress, Paris Hilton and professional poker player, Rick Salomon that came out in 2004. The tape was an interesting example though, because before it came out, Paris Hilton wasn't as famous as she is now. The tape was still huge though, and probably had a lot to do with making Hilton the huge star that she is today, oddly enough. The couple's sex gape is best known for the fart that it was shot using a camcorder's night vision setting, which made the bright green footage of Hilton performing oral sex on Salomon ripe material to be parodied by films and TV shows all over. The key to a parody working, before anything else, is the audience being familiar with the thing that you're parodying. So for popular shows like Saturday Night Live to parody the celebrity sex tape (which was eventually released as 1 Night in Paris), meant that millions of people had watched the tape. Even people who typically didn't watch pornography were going out of their way to watch this Night Vision celebrity porn.

Another socialite, Kim Kardashian (the daughter of O.J. Simpson defense attorney, Robert Kardashian) had a sex tape leak in 2007. The tape was made by Kardashian and her then beau, actor and musician, Ray J. Like the Paris Hilton tape, this tape managed to increase the fame and popularity of Kardashian, even though it's hard to pinpoint exactly why.

More Celebrity Sex Tapes (and Pornstars as Celebrities)


There are of course many other fantastic celebrity sex tapes available out there, and one of the most interesting wrinkles in the concept of what makes a celebrity sex tape, is when pornstars, who are minor celebrities in their own right because of their adult film work, began to have their own homemade sex tapes released just like Hollywood celebrities. Due to their work being having sex on camera, there's a bit of skepticism towards whether or not the earliest of these pornstar porn releases were actually leaked, or if they were simply piggybacking on the popularity of the genre. The line is blurred at this point, and many pornstars have released their own celebrity porn videos shot on phones or camcorders. Since there's already videos of them naked and having sex in the world, the release of these tapes isn't quite as exciting to a broader audience, but if you're a fan of a pornstar who releases a sex tape, you're definitely going to be excited.

Some other A or B-list celebrities to have celebrity porn videos leaked onto the internet are:

-The lead singer of Limp Bizkit, Fred Durst, who successfully sued distributors of the video for $70 million

-Former WWE champion and actor, Hulk Hogan

-Brat Pack member, and actor, Rob Lowe

-Rapper, the Game

-In Bruges star, Colin Farrell

-KISS frontman, Gene Simmons, who was 58 at the time the tape was shot, proving that his desire to rock and roll all night, and party every day was not hyperbolic in the least

There are also instances where celebrity porn tapes were acquired, but legal action stopped them from being released. There's a Jennifer Lopez sex tape out there somewhere, but Jenny from the Block and her lawyers made sure it never hit the web. There's also apparently a video featuring Creed frontman Scott Stapp and the fedora-wearing rap rocker, Kid Rock having group sex with some groupies. So keep in mind that for every celebrity sex tape that features a beautiful actress like Jennifer Lopez, there's probably half a dozen featuring the likes of Kid Rock, that we should be thankful we'll never accidentally see any of. That tape sounds like some real "can't be unseen" stuff.

Social Media and Reality Show Celebrities


With the rise of social media, there have been content creators for these new platforms that have risen to stardom based on either their Tweets, Vine videos, YouTube videos, Snapchats, or Instagram posts. It's a brand new world in terms of people being able to promote themselves and reach a wide audience relatively easily. Not quite as easy as some may wish, but in comparison to when print and television advertising ruled the world, and media distributors were a huge brick wall, the democratized process for content creators has been fantastic for a lot of people.

Reality shows have also been a big platform for people to find fame to varying degrees. Of course, social media and reality TV stars are just like anyone else, and they have sex lives, which are sometimes documented, and those pics and videos have sometimes found their way online.

Pornstars have also used social media very effectively to build their own audiences, so that they aren't reliant on production companies or distributors that they might have deals with. By connecting directly with their fan base, they increase their leverage in negotiating contracts because they have numbers to show how big their followings are. Some of them have even had sex with fans, with the stipulation being that the sex will be filmed and released. A new form of pornstar porn that fits on celebrity porn tube just as well as it does on any other porn website, next to celebrity porn videos.

Adulthookup.com's Celebrity Porn Directory


The world is obsessed with celebrities and sex, so of course celebrity porn is of interest. Let AdultHookup.com help you find the best celebrity sex tapes and pornstar porn with this directory. Bookmark this page for future reference, because this is the only resource you're going to need whenever you're in the mood to watch a little celebrity porn.

The Celebrity Fake


Once the public had a taste of seeing their favorite celebrities engaging in sexual activities on camera, there was never enough "product" to satisfy their appetites. This really cranked up the production line of celebrity fakes. If you're not familiar what a celebrity fake is, it's a fake image of a celebrity where they've more often than not, had their heads digitally copied and pasted onto the body of a pornographic picture. Some of the work is near flawless, and the resulting images are often good enough to fool the casual eye into thinking that they're real naked photos of that celebrity in compromising positions. Adult websites were also finding in their search engine results that people were frequently searching for celebrity sex tapes of the most famous actresses of the moment, even if they didn't have one. So when they were coming up, and someone wanted to see actresses like Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, or Jennifer Aniston naked, the internet provided them with a rough estimation of what that might look like. It wasn't as good as a celebrity sex tape, but people would take what they could get. Fakes are still a part of the online porn landscape, but because of the rise of paparazzi and hacker culture, most naked images of celebs are now the product of either someone taking some sneaky photographs while a celeb is vacationing somewhere that they think they're free to take their clothes off at, or through online hackers illegally gaining access to the phones, laptops, or clouds of celebs who have nude photos of themselves saved on what they trusted were secure locations.

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The world is obsessed with celebrities and sex, so of course celebrity porn is of interest. Let AdultHookup.com help you find the best celebrity sex tapes

The Ultimate Celebrity Porn  Directory - AdultHookup.com