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Finding the best sex quizzes online can be a challenge. AdultHookup.com has created this ultimate directory for all your online sex and relationship quiz needs.


The world is wild for quizzes, so it seems like everyone and their uncle is trying to create sex quizzes using popular quiz creation sites. We've found that there's a lot of them that aren't very well researched though, and there's not much that we like less than engaging in any sort of conversation or even actual sexual activity with someone who acts like they know what they're talking about or doing, but clearly have no idea. After taking lots of clueless sex quizzes, we decided to do something about it, and create AdultHookup.com's Ultimate Sex Quiz Directory.

The directory is further down this page, so you can scroll down there right now if you'd like, but in our research, we found out a lot of interesting things about online sex quizzes that we think you might want to know as well.

Remember When You Used To Hate Quizzes??


Back in our school days, there was nothing that we hated more than our teacher surprising us with a pop quiz. A test that we had time to study for was hard enough; how were we supposed to know the answers without studying? Especially on the morning after a late night out with our friends partying, and making out with our crush!

Somewhere along the way though, as we moved further away from our schooling, we began to miss that feeling of having our brain tested. We liked every now and again, finding a quiz either in our favorite celebrity gossip magazine or online, and proving to ourselves that we retained some of what we learned in school. There's a reason that quiz shows are as popular as they are on TV, and that's the nuts and bolts of it if you ask us. They've been around since the early days of television. If you've seen the movie Quiz Show, you know how old-timey that was.

The Evolution of the Quiz Show


Quiz shows were originally produced because they were extremely cost-effective programming to put on TV. You didn't have to hire any big actors, an expensive writer's room, and whereas an episode of a television drama would take days (long expensive days) to shoot, you could shoot upwards of 6 episodes of a quiz show in a single day. You just needed to have your questions ready, your guests in the green room waiting to be given their shot to prove to the world how smart they were. Of course there was a financial element to the shows as well, but in the larger scheme of things, the prize money that the networks gave away to its contestants was peanuts to them. Even after giving the money away, they were still saving incredible amounts of money just by the fact that the quiz shows were so cheap and easy to produce. Sure, as we entered the '70s and '80s, the long multi-episode shooting days that now involved celebrity panels could result in near nonsensical shows as the panels got progressively drunk throughout the day, but that was all part of its charm. The civilian contestants got to joke around with some of their favorite comedians and sitcom stars, and even if they didn't win the big prize, they had brushed up against some famous people. People they never dreamed they would be in the same room in. They had only been little black & white images on their TV screens before then.

The modern day quiz show, outside of long running classics like Jeopardy, all have a gimmick, or a hook to them to bring in the audience. Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader challenges the intelligence of adults, often time to humorous effect when children know more about simple history, grammar, and math than they do. The adults come on confident that they MUST be smarter than a child, but are sent back into the real world, dreading the day that their episode airs on TV and all of their co-workers find out that a child knew more about the civil rights movement than they do.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire was a show that offered more money to its contestants than any quiz show ever had before, but of course as the players got closer to winning the million dollars, the questions got harder. It was like dangling the world's biggest carrot in front of the world's hungriest horse. Though given an option to stop at any time that they're happy with the money they've won to that point, the show also played into unfortunate people's either satisfaction with winning the type of money that they had never seen before, or the greed that had been created inside them through the media's image of a happy life requiring money and power. The quiz show has evolved into something larger and much uglier than it was in its early and more innocent days.

Every now and then a fun low budget return to the quiz show's roots will come along and its scrappy nature will endear audiences to it, even though the prize money is nowhere near what it is on the big network shows. Something similar happened with Cash Cab came out. The concept is a hidden camera show where a cab with the show's host driving it, picks up unsuspecting passengers, who'e just trying to get somewhere they need to go. The host begins to ask them questions though, and awards them money for the questions that they were able to answer correctly. It's a fun treat and bit of excitement to the contestants, who weren't given any time to prepare. Just like back in high school when our teacher surprised us with a pop quiz!

That may seem like a long trek away from the point of online sex quizzes that we started at, but we're circling back around to them now.

Magazine Quizzes


Regular readers of celebrity gossip magazines like People or US Weekly were very used to taking relationship and gossip quizzes in the backs of their magazines. Crosswords were fun, but more often than not, were considered too difficult for the readers who were only interested in who was dating who in Hollywood, and who was caught looking a little overweight in a bikini on vacation. Trying to figure out work puzzles took too long, but because of how many issues they'd read, they definitely knew who X actor was dating at any given time, and what upcoming film actress Y had coming out later that year. These quizzes were put in magazines to make its readerships feel knowledgeable about something. The rush that they got from getting a correct answer took them back to their school days when their parents and teachers would be proud of them for getting good grades in class.

An unexpected (but very welcome by the publishers) side effect was that because their readership wanted to continue doing well in these quizzes, they would continue to read their magazine religiously because it was like studying for a test. It was (and continues to be today) extremely profitable for magazine publishers.

From Dating Advice Columns To Online Quizzes


Ask your parents about the old advice columns that used to be in the newspaper. There are still some that remain, but even if they're for a young(er) generation, the newest generations don't want to be told what to do. They want to get their advice in the form of choices that they can make for themselves. Even if the advice is always going to be the same, regardless of the route you take to get to your results, the illusion of deciding your own fate, and making an educated decision on your own is extremely important to a generation who has grown up with the internet in their life since birth, and are used to being able to solve all their problems with a simple Google search.

The addictive nature of quiz shows has transferred now to online quizzes, that you can take and then share the results with all of your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever the latest social media platform is. A lot of these quizzes are now just tools to promote either new television shows, films, a musician who's going on tour soon, or just to get people feeling nostalgic for "the good old days".

And Then... Dating


Teens are so used to spending their days filling out meaningless online quizzes, that when they get old enough to start dating, and needing a little bit of relationship advice, the online quiz was an obvious format for online publishers to created content for this extremely desirable segment of the population. If a magazine's website could help Billy solve his girl problems, then Billy was more likely to become a dedicated reader, share more of their articles, and hopefully even buy products through their website's advertising.

As young men and women became more engrossed in online quizzes, content creators discovered more and more types of quizzes that they could put online to drive the youth traffic to their websites. Many of these quizzes are shared through Facebook, and come with small print that few people bother reading, saying that by taking the quiz, you're giving the host website full access to your personal information that they need to crunch numbers and user data to find out what the most popular shows, bands, keywords, etc. are in different parts of the world. They then take that information and create quizzes that are made directly for that group of people, and knowing that they already shared the previous quizzes, the odds are pretty good that they'll also take that quiz, and provide them with yet another updated data drop of their personal information and friend list. It may sound a bit grim, but it's actually a very interesting evolution from a form of entertainment that was meant to simply save television networks money, to now an online revenue stream for many quiz sites and celebrity gossip magazines.

Because of the market targeting, but also because they're just so fun to take, the popularity of online dating and sex quizzes has gone through the roof recently. So much so that it's extremely difficult to keep track of its growth (unless you know someone who works for the big quiz sites of course). We can't tell you the number of days, weeks, and months it took to put together this enormous mega directory of online sex quizzes for you to enjoy. After a point, it didn't make sense to keep track. And while it was a lot of work, we have to admit that we also had a blast taking all of these sex quizzes and picking out the ones that we thought you would enjoy the most. We're thrilled to now present to you...

AdultHookup.com's Sex Quiz Directory

Everyone loves to take a fun online quiz, and even better if it's a sex quiz! We've gone ahead and created a huge directory of some of the best online sex quizzes available online for you to check out, so bookmark this page and come back to it often.

An Unlimited Supply of Quizzes


The internet grows larger and larger with each passing second, and while it does, so does the number of online sex quizzes

That's all we have to say about online sex quizzes. Scroll back up and have fun with our sex quiz directory. Some of the quizzes were great to take, and we wish we could do them for the first time all over again. Happy sex quizzing!!

The Ultimate Sex Quiz Directory - AdultHookup.com

Finding the best sex quizzes online can be a challenge. AdultHookup.com has created this ultimate directory for all your online relationship quiz needs.

The Ultimate Sex Quiz Directory - AdultHookup.com