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Although we here at AdultHookup are known for our outstanding online hookup dating services, we also take great pride in being one of the web's best resources for advice on sex, hookup, dating, and relationships. We want to ensure that each and every one of our members have not only the platform for finding hookups, but the tools, skills, and knowledge to make those hookups successful as well. From sex advice and hookup advice to dating advice and relationship advice, AdultHookup can help you turn your problems around and live your life better!

In the directory below, you will find forty different sex, hookup, dating, and relationship advice articles at your disposal. From subjects like "What Women Really Think About During Sex" and "How To Hook Up With A College Millennial" and "How To Encourage Your Partner To Sext More" to questions like "Should I Try A Same-Sex Hookup?" and "How Can I Stop My Anger Issues From Ruining Relationships?" and "Can Sex Robots Kill You?", we address a wide range of topics and give you advice on virtually any sex, hookup, dating, or relationship interest or issue that you may be experiencing. Beyond that, you will also find that this page offers both an education in the topics of focus for this guide—sex advice, hookup advice, dating advice, and relationship advice—as well as examples of ways in which it can benefit you and your life, if used properly.


What You Will Find In This AdultHookup Guide

Okay, so first of all, we want to break it all down for you and go over what exactly will be covered in this AdultHookup guide. As we stated in our introduction, we will be addressing four main topics: Sex Advice, Hookup Advice, Dating Advice, and Relationship Advice. Below, we will go into more detail about each of these four sections and give you all the information you need to know before diving into the advice articles in the directory further down this page.


Sex Advice

Sex. What is it? According to a quick internet search, "sex" is a noun which refers to sexual activity and, more specifically, sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse, as you probably well know, is the consensual penetration of the mouth, anus, or vagina by the penis. Sexual activity, on the other hand, can involve a much wider variety of activities! Foreplay, masturbation, mutual masturbation, handjobs, fingering, BDSM, fetishism, frottage, intercrural sex (using a partner's thighs), mammary sex (using a partner's breasts), using sex toys, cunnilingus, kissing, cuddling, and heavy petting are all examples of sexual activity. When it comes to the sex advice that we offer in this guide, you will find everything from answers about sexual health, information on sexual mentality, definitions of emerging sexual trends, and more!


Hookup Advice

Hookups. What are they? Well, if we do another quick internet search, we will see that "hookups" is a plural noun which refers to casual sexual encounters. So, in other words, hookups are sexual activity done without the intention of having it turn into something more serious or lead to a relationship. When it comes to the hookup advice that we offer in this guide, you will find everything from answers about hookup etiquette, information on same-sex hookups, step-by-step instructions to finding and having successful hookups, and more!


Dating Advice

Dating. What is it? Let us once again let our handy dandy internet search help us out. "Dating" is a verb which refers to going on a date or several dates with someone with whom you have a romantic or sexual relationship, or with whom you you are romantically or sexually interested. When it comes to the dating advice that we offer in this guide, you will find everything from answers about managing personal emotions, information on technology in the dating world, explanations of new dating terms, and more!


Relationship Advice

Relationships. What are they? How will we ever find out? Yeah, you guessed it! Once again we return to the internet search. A "relationship" is a noun which refers to an emotional and sexual association between two people or the state of being connected by marriage (for those relationships that have taken the extra leap and tied the knot). When it comes to the relationship advice that we offer in this guide, you will find everything from answers about relationship deal-breakers, information on navigating breakups, definitions of new relationship terms, and more!


How This Sex, Hookup, Dating, & Relationship Advice Guide Can Help You

In case you have read everything we have written so far and are not completely convinced that this AdultHookup advice guide is for you, we have included this section. Here, we will outline just some of the many ways in which our sex advice, hookup advice, dating advice, and relationship advice can help you in your own personal life. You may be surprised to learn about all the different aspects of sex, hookups, dating, and relationships that we cover in our advice articles. There may be many ways in which our articles can help you personally that may not have considered before! Check it out...


Get The Answers You Need From Verified Experts

Got a question that needs some serious sex, hookup, dating, or relationship advice answers from a true expert? Not to worry. We have at AdultHookup have been in the game for over a decade and we are not afraid to do thorough research for each and every one of our advice articles. You can be confident that all your questions are being addressed by experts and that the answers you receive are all 100% verified.


Learn Some New (And Potentially Helpful) Things

You may have come into this AdultHookup advice guide with a specific query, but that does not mean you will not find another article to be of use to you! Even if you stumbled upon this page and think you have no need for sex advice, hookup advice, dating advice, or relationship advice, you might be surprised at what you will learn within these articles. For example, do you know what "Karezza Sex" is? You may never had heard of this term, but we have a whole article about it and once you read it, you may be inclined to add the technique into your regular roster!


Take Control Of Your Sex Life And Have Better Sex

With advice articles like "Why You Might Not Be Into Casual Sex", "Do Thick Girls Really Have The Best Sex?", "Is Your Contraception Affecting Your Sex Drive?", and so many more, we can give you the sex advice that you need to take control of your sex life, identify factors which may be affecting your sex drive, maintain your sexual health, improve your sexual techniques, and have better sexual experiences!


Find And Enjoy Stress-Free (And Mess-Free) Hookups

When you are looking to get into hookups for the first time (or if you have made attempts to get into the hookup lifestyle but have been met with failure or challenges), it can be hard to figure out exactly what you are supposed to do. Hookup advice articles like "How To Have A Good Hookup", "How To Hook Up With A College Millennial", "How To Have Perfect NSA Sex", and "Should I Try A Same-Sex Hookup?" can help!


Recognize And Avoid Toxic Partners And Relationships

Dating toxic people and holding on to toxic relationships. We have all been there and we all know how hard it can be to identify that toxicity when you are so close to it. Luckily, with our dating advice articles like "Are You Dating A Sociopath Right Now?", "Signs That You Are Dating A Fvckboy", and "What Is "Stashing"?", we can give you the tools you need to recognize, identify, avoid, and escape toxic partners and relationships.


Build And Maintain A Successful Relationship

If you came here looking for relationship advice, you are definitely in luck. We have over ten relationship advice articles can help you to build and maintain a successful relationship, including: "What's Ruining Your Chances Of Having A Serious Relationship?", "What Is "Zombie-ing" And How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of It?", and "How Can I Stop My Anger Issues From Ruining Relationships?". With these articles (and others not mentioned here), we will give you all the tools you need!


Consider New Experiences And Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You probably did not come here looking to read hookup advice articles like "Should I Try A Same-Sex Hookup?" or sex advice articles like "What Is "Witch Sex"?" or relationship advice articles like "How To Encourage Your Partner To Sext More", but if you give them a read and consider the advice they offer, you may just take a step or two outside your comfort zone and find new experiences that you love!


Sex Advice From AdultHookup.com

The first topic we are going to cover in our advice articles is Sex Advice. Within these articles, you will find that we address a wide range of sexual subjects, including: the dangers (or lack thereof) of technology in sex, distracting sexual thoughts, sex with "thick girls", contraception and sex drive, new sexual trends and terms, and more! Below, we have listed ten original and informational advice articles for you to peruse and enjoy, including "Can Sex Robots Kill You?", "Why You Might Not Be Into Casual Sex", and "What Happens To Your Boobs When You Stop Having Sex?". Check them out now!


Can Sex Robots Kill You?

Sex robots -- just like any other kinds of robots -- can be hacked, and that means that it may be possible for someone who doesn't like you too much to make your sex robot attack you. Whether this is plausible, though, is another question -- your enemy would need to know that… Read more.


How To Prevent Distracting Thoughts During Sex

A lot of people want to know how to prevent having distracting thoughts during sex, and the answer is surprisingly simple. It is two fold: focus your mind and have good sex. These can be separate things, but if you do one or the other, the goal will be the… Read more.


Why You Might Not Be Into Casual Sex

So you think you might not be into casual sex? You are most certainly not alone! It has been said again and again in modern times that humans are not naturally monogamous, but this is simply not true -- at least, not across the board. The fact is that there is… Read more.


What Women Really Think About During Sex

What do women think about during sex? What does anyone think about during sex, or at any other time for that matter? The fact is that women, much like men, often have times when their minds wander, and during the act of sex this is no different. The real question… Read more.


Is Your Contraception Affecting Your Sex Drive?

The fact is that many types of contraceptive pills can indeed have a dampening effect on your sex drive. While this may be fine for some people, for others it more or less negates the point of taking these pills in the first place if you are not going to… Read more.


Do Thick Girls Really Have The Best Sex?

As a famous rock band once sang: "The deeper the cushion, the sweeter the pushin'," and they weren't totally wrong. Thick is IN at the moment -- though if you look at hip hop lyrics throughout the history of that genre of music you will see that it was never really… Read more.


What Is "Karezza Sex"?

"Karezza" basically means "caress," and though it seems like a new idea, the practice that is known by its technical name of coitus reservatus has been around for a long, long time. There are a lot of connected terms, too, which doesn't help with the confusion, from venus butterfly and… Read more.


What Is "Witch Sex"?

Witch sex basically involves using magic in sex. Yes, this may seem a little off the wall for most folks, but you looked it up, so here it is. Sex magic can involve deity worship, rituals such as drinking menstrual blood (yup), and having sex during a full moon outdoors… Read more.


Do You Really Need To Clean Up After Sex?

There are two answers to this query, really -- the first relates to your own self and the other relates to your surroundings. Yes, you should clean yourself up after sex -- you need to wash off any nasty microbes you may have picked up. And yes, you should clean up your… Read more.


What Happens To Your Boobs When You Stop Having Sex?

It depends on whether you mean right after having sex, or if you stop having sex for a long period, like for years... Basically, straight after having sex, your breasts will reduce in size and become less sensitive. When you stop having regular sex, your risk of breast cancer can… Read more.


Hookup Advice From AdultHookup.com

The next topic we are going to go into in our advice guide is Hookup Advice. Within the articles in this section, we will address a wide range of subjects in the hookup realm, including: perceptions of casual hookups, tips for better hookups, appropriate timelines for hooking up with exes, how to hook up with millennials, preserving friendships after hooking up, same-sex hookups, and more! Below, we have listed ten original and informational advice articles for you to peruse and enjoy, including "What To Do When Something Embarrassing Happens During A Hookup", "How To Tell If A Current Flirtationship Is Going Nowhere", and "How To Have Perfect NSA Sex". Check them out now!


Do Guys Actually Judge You For Your Casual Hookups?

Not all guys actually judge women for having casual hookups, but in certain cases, some guys may think that a woman who casually hooks up is lowering her standard. A woman's worth should not be defined by what she does though, but some men might judge her regardless. However, this… Read more.


How To Have A Good Hookup

There are things that you should know and do in order to have a good hookup. For one, hooking up is both party's responsibilities, so you have to plan how and where the hookup with take place. You also have to discuss your sexual preferences and sexuality beforehand. You also… Read more.


How To Hook Up With A College Millennial

College millennials are a different kind of generation. With the advent of technology and social media, they have a different perspective on relationships and connecting. Therefore, you have to learn about their view on the hook up culture. You must have a smart phone and you must have multiple social… Read more.


When Is It Actually Okay To Hook Up With Your Ex?

There are times that you can hook up with your ex, but then are other times that it is not OK to do so. If you and your ex ended your relationship amicably and there are kids involved, it should be OK to make that casual hookup. If your ex… Read more.


How To Ensure She Won't Want More From You After Hookup

There are several ways to ensure that a woman won't want more from you after a hookup. First, it will start with setting specific boundaries and expectations, even before you have the actual sexual encounter. Next, you must pay attention to the signs that she is coming on too much… Read more.


How Do I Stay Friends With Someone After A Hookup?

It is certainly not easy to stay friends after a casual hookup. However, it is possible, if you are aware of the complexity and if you do the things necessary to overcome hurt emotions and some of the common pitfalls that come with it. For one, you must make the… Read more.


How To Have Perfect NSA Sex

You can have perfect NSA sex, if you go into it with no crazy expectations and if you are ready to embrace an untraditional form of hooking up. You would have to be the person who values your space and wants no commitment. More importantly, you have to be ready… Read more.


Should I Try A Same-Sex Hookup?

Having a same sex hookup is going to be a personal decision. However, there is no reason why you shouldn't, especially if you are curious about sexuality and gender issues. If this is one of your long time fantasies, nothing is wrong with playing it out. At least, you will… Read more.


What To Do When Something Embarrassing Happens During A Hookup

If you have ever been embarrassed during a sexual hookup, there are several things that you can do, but it depends on the specifics of the incident and situation. First, if something happens during sexual contact, there is no need to take it that seriously. Use humor. Laugh about it… Read more.


How To Tell If A Current Flirtationship Is Going Nowhere

If you are in a firtationship and it is not working out, it may be time to end it. To know if it is not going anywhere, you should be able to tell whether your needs are being met or not. If you feel any pressure, then it is not… Read more.


Dating Advice From AdultHookup.com

The third topic we are going to investigate more deeply in our advice guide is Dating Advice. Within these articles, we will address a wide range of subjects in the hookup realm, including: the pressures of cuffing season, getting a second date, recognizing sociopaths, the affects of FOMO on dating, getting over dating anxiety, safety and dating apps, and more! Below, we have listed ten original and informational advice articles for you to peruse and enjoy, including "Signs That You Are Dating A Fvckboy", "When To FB Friend Your New Date", and "Is "Benching" The New "Ghosting"?". Check them out now!


How To Deal With Dating Pressure During Cuffing Season

Cuffing season is again another one of those terms that may actually have a name finally but it has been around for years. Cuffing season when it comes to dating typically happens in the fall and winter when singles who would usually rather be single or are only interested in… Read more.


How To Make A First Date A Second Date

Everyone can agree that first dates are stressful. You want to make a good first impression so that a first date turns into a second date and possibly more. You want to come across as smart, funny, intelligent and a real catch without seeming overzealous, over eager or pushy. You… Read more.


Are You Dating A Sociopath Right Now?

Dating a sociopath does not make for a good relationship and can lead to many more problems than you realizing that you need to kick them to the curb. You deserve a relationship that is real, something that will still be work, as any relationship is but not toxic like… Read more.


Is FOMO Ruining Your Dating Life?

FOMO or the fear of missing out has affected everyone at some point in their lives, but when it comes to dating, that's a whole other story. FOMO in the dating world is a new term that is running rampant with singles all over the world. Is FOMO ruining your… Read more.


Signs That You Are Dating A Fvckboy

Casual dating is becoming more and more common in the dating scene today making it difficult to really figure out other singles and what it is that they're looking for. It's important to make sure that you don't get hurt emotionally or played when you decide to date casually. Relationships… Read more.


How To Get Over Your Dating Anxiety

Dating Anxiety is a real thing and there are a lot more people that suffer from it than you think. Let's face it, dating is hard, you have to put yourself out there and expose yourself to others. You have to let people in and show them who you really… Read more.


What Is "Stashing"?

"Stashing" is a new dating term that seems to be popping up everywhere. Unfortunately, there may finally be a term for this, but it has been happening to singles for decades! Stashing is when the person that you're dating doesn't take the time to introduce you to anyone that is… Read more.


When To FB Friend Your New Date

Social media when it comes to dating can either be a great thing or a terrible one. Let's face it, social media is here to stay and it makes dating in today's world quite different from how things 'used' to be. Dating in the past meant getting to know someone… Read more.


How To Safely Use Dating Apps Today

Millions of people use dating apps and most do it without experiencing anything unsafe, still, it is important that you take care to ensure your safety. As long as you are smart about using dating apps, you will meet some great dates and have some of the best times you've… Read more.


Is "Benching" The New "Ghosting"?

Is Benching the new Ghosting? Adulthookup wants you to know the difference and how they both work. Have a look at our definitions and see for yourself. We believe that these explanations will help you to decide: "Is Benching the new Ghosting? Although they are similar it is clear that… Read more.


Relationship Advice From AdultHookup.com

The last topic we are going to address in our advice guide is Relationship Advice. Within the articles in this last section, we will explore several different relationship-themed subjects, including: the newest relationship trends and terms, relationship deal-breakers, trauma-bonding in relationships, anger issues in relationships, sexting, and more! Below, we have listed ten original and informational advice articles for you to peruse and enjoy, including "Can Traveling Hurt Your Relationship?", "Why Do So Many Couples Break Up During The Holidays?", and "What's Ruining Your Chances Of Having A Serious Relationship?". Check them out now!


Can Traveling Hurt Your Relationship?

Traveling is something that we all consider to be a fun thing. We think of vacations and good times. So, when it comes to dating, can traveling hurt your relationship? Whether or not traveling can hurt your relationship is going to depend on the nature of your relationship, and yes… Read more.


What Is "Zombie-ing" And How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of It?

So, you want to know what zombie-ing is, and you want to know how to avoid the pitfalls of being zombied. There's a lot involved with this process. First the person you're seeing decides to ghost you, time goes by, and then they decide to come back out of nowhere… Read more.


Why Do So Many Couples Break Up During The Holidays?

Breaking up during the holidays has been a thing for a while now. It's not an uncommon thing, but it's also not always a widely understood thing, either. So, why do so many couples break up during the holidays? There are quite a few reasons such as, emotions running high… Read more.


What To Do When Your Boyfriend Has A Shitty Apartment

So, you've finally been to your boyfriend's place, and you realize that he has a shitty apartment. You're probably not impressed at all by this, and with good reason! Who wants to date a guy with a shitty apartment? You might feel like you're either going to need to accept… Read more.


What Is 'Trauma-Bonding' And How To Avoid It

Trauma-bonding relationships can be devastating, and the long-term effects can be lasting. It's important to understand what might be happening. So, what is trauma-bonding, and how can you avoid it? These are some pretty important questions, and it's really important to first understand what trauma-bonding is, so that you really… Read more.


What Is An "Androsexual"?

There are a lot of gender definitions these days, and it can be difficult to understand what each means, particularly if they don't apply to you. We're going to take a look at the term androsexual in this article, and find out more about what this term means. So, what… Read more.


What's Ruining Your Chances Of Having A Serious Relationship?

You're looking, you're hoping, and yet you can't seem to make it from where you are now, into a serious relationship. Is is something you're doing? Is it something you're not doing? What's ruining your chances of having a serious relationship? There are a number of reasons why you may… Read more.


Are You Way Too Good For Your Man?

Sometimes you end up wondering whether or not you are too good for your current partner, and it can lead to a lot of questions that you will need to consider. So how do you know? What kinds of things are clear cut signs that you are too good for… Read more.


How Can I Stop My Anger Issues From Ruining Relationships?

Anger issues can be a major problem in relationships and are surely the cause for many relationship breakups. So, how do you keep your anger issues from ruining your relationship? Anger issues can be a major deal breaker when it comes to relationships, some of the things you'll need to… Read more.


How To Encourage Your Partner To Sext More

If you've been looking for the best ways to encourage your partner to sext more, then you have come to the right place! We all seem to have less time these days, and one of the ways that a lot of people are choosing to keep the spark going between… Read more.


Now that you have made it through all forty articles in this AdultHookup advice guide, it is time to get out there and use your new-found knowledge in the ways that will benefit you best. If you have not read any of our advice articles yet... what are you waiting for?! Whether you came here for sex advice, hookup advice, dating advice, relationship advice or just any kind of advice, we are confident that you will find what you are looking for here within our articles. So, why are you still reading this?? Your life is moments away from getting better than you could have ever imagined—all you have to do is get started!
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