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Women Looking For Los Angeles XXX Datingin California
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  • Date of Birth? 44
  • Sexual Status: straightsingle man
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Latest Status: If it's not DONE TWICE...IT'S just NOT DONE

City: Los Angeles , California

Bio: I used to sell insurance,But now I harvest the bounty of Nature's Wild Kingdom.The "Cry of the Kalihari" is like $$$ in the bank.Ivory Traders and I cull the herd.No need for anymore than 1 maybe 2 tusk laden males for the ladies anyway.Right? Next the frozen arctic is overrun again.Danger is my only friend as I face those damn unpredictable Baby Harp Seals.Armed with only a nail,club and raw courage (Canadian Mist & MooseHead eh?)They must be stopped. But why? What have they come again to?Do what?How much?So...Oh of course.WHACK!WHACK! intudasac yago eh?Thats every other word eh?I'll take my cut and get the hell out of here EH?Now eh?You want dis up dare instead EH? Next I join the crew of the good ship "SHI-TE BO-TE and another whaling season.Out here I must obey my cruel mistress of the Sea.But not CaptFriggin' Courages and his p**k-as**d crew of whale watchers."Those f***ing Badges don't mean SH*T out here"said I,"THIS DOES".While firing harmlessly into the wheelhouse the splintering timber and ricochets brought back memories.It reminded me of LA night life....I don't always drink ----,but when I do,I prefer.... Being #2. #1 gets all the arrows in the back anyway.Not by me of course. I did'nt do it.Not my fault. Nobody saw anything, For sure.I think? If your smiling now,you get it. Dating is for fun,not drama :)

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