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  • Date of Birth? 68
  • Sexual Status: straightsingle man
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City: Redmond , Oregon

Bio: I'm an athletic and energetic middle-aged man in excellent physical and mental health. I enjoy a solid, happy marriage with a wonderful woman. Unfortunately, our marriage suffers from a major shortcoming My wife has lost all interest in sex. We've both worked hard over the last few years (including counseling) to correct this problem but nothing has worked. My wife is very understanding about my needs and knows that I have, or eventually will, go outside of our marriage to satisfy them. So far I haven't. I'm intelligent and well educated. I have a warm, friendly disposition and a great sense of humor. Even though I'm looking to "fool around" on the outside, I consider myself to be a genuinely nice guy. I've always been sincere, honest and straightforward in all of my personal relationships. I don't consider sex to be just "casual" under any circumstances. The mutual desire to truly pleasure one another is what makes a sexual partnership special and worthwhile. Even though I'm looking for a no entanglement "affair", I would not consider having a sexual relationship with a woman who I didn't like and care for.

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