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  • Date of Birth? 27
  • Sexual Status: straightsingle woman
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Latest Status: Im a single, cool, elated, young mother just looking for something"real" true love I guess you could say.

City: Memphis , Tennessee

Bio: Want to meet a single, cool, elated gal? That's me! Im a 24 year old single mom. I love karaoke and dancing. I drink sometimes, but only when I go out(which is rare at this point). Being a mommy is the best thing in the world. I wish to eventually have more babes in the future. I know that whatever happens Ill always have my daughter.I have a big heart and head strong attitude. I'm interested in Photography, Pop Rock and Other Music. It really takes a lot to faze me. Im a huge hopeless romantic, Im looking for someone who can give me as much love as I have to give him. I'm affectionate and just love getting thoughtful little gifts. I've got the makings of a loyal and devoted partner. I'm not the type of person who holds a grudge.True love is what every one dreams of and yurns for. Im strong willed and I do not give up at any cost, most would call that a flaw. I went through life being walked all over, growing up in an abusive home, and I refuse to be like that. I fight for what I

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