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The Past And Present Record Of Adult Sex Toys has put together the best directory for adult sex toys. Yes, believe it or not, sex toys did not just pop out of nowhere. It has a past and as far as we know, everything started centuries or decades ago and that is why we are at this junction in life where sex toys are finally accepted as the norm. If we were to stop and do a full comparison of the past and present, it would be evident that society has stated to be more accepting of sex toys than they did in the past.

In times past and presently, people use sex toys to spice up their sex lives. In many cases in the past, it was done secretly because of fear of being ostracized, ridiculed and embarrassed. These days, people are not that concerned about what others think about their use of sex toys, As it relates to gender, both men and women have used these devices in the past, but today, it is more popular among both genders. In other instances, history has it that some people used sex toys to pay homage to the fact that they have no partner or their sex life is very boring.


At the turn of the century as the 18th and 19th centuries rolled around, the women in Europe and the United States were considered whores or prostitutes, if they were outwardly expressive of their natural sexual desires to have orgasms. In fact, once the man experienced his orgasm during sexual intercourse, the woman had to act as if she too was satisfied with the whole ordeal when she clearly was not. She had to suffer the agony of going to bed without the experience of an orgasmic climax and she could not complain about it. Men did not see a female orgasm as important as a man's orgasmic experience. So the only way that the woman could get a relief from the pent up sexual tension was to have a midwife massage her genitalia.

This became the normal practice for women where were 'under-sexed; and couldn't complain to the men who were their partners. As a result, the midwives and doctors could not handle the blitz resulting from women that wanted vaginal massages and so they became fatigued by it. And so, there had to be a solution, which came sooner rather than later. The vibrator became the inventive product that took the place of the midwives' vaginal massage technique. It was patented later on and became available as a commercial product in the 20th century, staying on the market until this day. Women from all over the world benefited from it.

Types of Sex Toys

image has compiled a list of sex toys including cock rings, dildos, vibrators and more. They all come in various designs, shapes, materials, colors and sizes. They are made with several materials such as metal, latex, silicone, nylon and plastic.

As it is with the vibrator, have you ever thought about the reasons behind the invention of certain sex toys? Let us take a look at other sex toys and what history has to reveal about them. Keep reading!


Lubricants or 'lubes' as they are called have been around since Ancient Greece, which was somewhere near 350 B.C. However, it was not manifested as a latex product. Instead, lube was representative of coconut oil or olive oil, which can easily be seen as lubricants in their own way. In most cases, these 'makeshift' lubes were specifically used when a man decided to use a dildo made of leather, which may have been too coarse for the other partner. And so, olive oil or coconut oil would loosen it up, making it easier for penetration. In Ancient Greece, silicone was not yet something manufacturers used to make these sex toys. Leather was still the most dominant material used at the time.

During the 1600s, the Chinese used vegetable oil as lubricants for condoms, which they made using animal intestines, which sounds gross, but they were able to stomach it. However, if you were to compare that with modernized condoms, it would be the Trojan because it is processed in somewhat of a similar manner. Mashed yams were used by the Japanese to make lubes that became quite popular during the 17th century. The KY Jelly was made in the 1900s and considered to be one of the most popular lubricants invented; so much so that it still holds the same dominance even today. Specialty lubricants then became an influx during the 20th and 21st centuries; leading the way to providing a solution for people who indulged in 'butt fucking.'


The first dildo was invented by the Chinese. With their ingenuity and creativity, this Chinese invention targeted females who wanted to masturbate because their wealthy husbands had several wives and was not able to withstand the sexual challenge of all of these wives. It was a physical challenge to fuck so many women on a continuous basis. But, the women needed their own sexual relief and what better way than to use a female dildo. With this dildo, the women were able to masturbate their way to an orgasm. The dildo acted as a man's genitals and these women would rather do this than leave their wealthy abode to go out and have sex with a peasant.

Technology was not on the side of the inventors, though and for that reason, they had to make the dildos using bronze and metal. In some cultures, the women would use bananas and gourds to seek sexual relief. While it was creative, the women found it to be uncomfortable and not as effective as the man's penis would be. It was not until the Renaissance era that the contemporary dildos were made and the only way that this could happen was due to the advancement of technology and electricity. Dildos today are made with the user in mind; coming with a wide range of features to give more sexual satisfaction.

Cock Rings

Penis rings or cock rings became known in the Chinese culture. The inventors at that time took the goat's eyelid and used it as a cock ring. Some people thought that it was really creative, but weird. The inventors also used the eyelashes and nubs of the goat to make products that gave sexual stimulation and pleasure to women. There were not enough goats to continue carrying out this feat. And so the Chinese had to think of other ways to make cock rings. And so, leather straps were used along with sinew to make cock rings. Cock rings would be made for several Chinese Emperors and ivory and jade would be the desired materials used to make them. In comparison, gold and silver were used in Europe and the Middle East. During the 1800s Industrial Revolution, rubber was used to mass produce cock rings. However, because the thickness of the specific rubber used at the time, latex rubber was introduced in the 1930s.

Strap-Ons & Penis Extenders

Strap-ons and penis extenders are our next reflection of the past. There are so many tales about how men would make their genitalia longer and thicker. Men would tie heavy objects on their penis, which was a weird practice. Surgery was another option, but it was risky and the results were not conclusive. Moreover, it would be a painful process. In the past, technology was not as advanced as it is today and so the solution did not come soon enough. Today, penis extenders and strap-ons are used to bridge the gap. Men no longer have to use surgery or heavy objects to lengthen and thicken their penises. Technology has afforded inventors to design products that actually work and provide pleasure to both men and women alike.



Well everyone knows about condoms, but do you really know where and how they were invented? Well Gabriele Falloppio is the name of the inventor that took on the task to do this in the early1500s. A linen sheath was what he started with. He chemically tested it to see if it could provide coverage to the glands of the penis. After doing the test on one thousand males, it was discovered that it worked. And the reason why it worked was that during that time, the place was infested with syphilis bacteria and it was infecting other men except for the men who participated in the test.

Later on, during the 1600s, animal intestines were used as the material that made condoms. At this time, the birth rate had skyrocketed and something had to be done about preventing too many babies from being born to women who were not ready. However, there was opposition from the Catholic Church when this fact was made known to them. The Church was against condoms and felt that having babies was a process that should take its course and condoms would not facilitate this. The Church thought that it was a sin to use condoms; calling it immoral and a way to indulge in cheating against a husband or wife.

While the Church was arguing the issue and contemplating it, the Japanese had gone ahead and made their condoms from leather. Before leather condoms, the Japanese chose to use oiled paper, fish bladder and tortoise shell as coverage for the top of the penis during sexual intercourse. It was in the 1700s that linen condoms were introduced, gaining popularity for a while. The latex rubber condoms took over in the 1920s. However, less than a decade later, the latex condoms were introduced in the state of Ohio and it was embraced by many as the most viable solution. It was more affordable and easier to manufacture. Today, condoms have become just as important as times past and even more so in combating STDS and protecting against unwanted pregnancies.


And now, we have reached to the vibrators, which were part of the invention inside of two centuries. The reason for the invention of vibrators was the similar to why dildos were invented. During that time, women had to have their genital area massaged because their men were not performing the sexual act to give the women pleasure, but give themselves pleasure. And so women were always 'left hanging.' For sexual relief, professionals from the medical field had to perform those vaginal massages to ease the tension and frustration. However, there not enough professionals in the medical field to continue to offer this service and so the solution were vibrators, which provided the solution necessary for women to get an orgasm. Today, it works just as it did in the past, but even better because many of these gadgets are electric or battery operated and some are hands-free for easy use. In addition, they now have portable vibrators that you can take with you on your travels.

An Optimistic Approach For Adults Sex Toys


Adult sex toys have many advantages and benefits that people have come to rely on. One of the main reasons that most people use sex toys is to improve their sex lives and possibly save their relationships. And sometimes, it takes a sex toy to give a man or woman that extra pleasure or total satisfaction. In other cases, after you have exhausted all the sex positions that you know about, the bedroom sex becomes boring and you want to try something new and different. For that reason, adult sex toys can be the 'saving grace' to the sexual frustration that you might feel as partners or individuals. Moreover, you can use sex toys privately in your home without anyone knowing about it. It makes you feel safe and reassured that you are receiving pleasure without having to go outside e of the home. Last, but not least, you will be able to enjoy better sex. You will have more fun and adventure. Your sex life will no longer be as boring as it might have been. With all that sex, no wonder you will become free of stress.

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Here at, we have provided you with a lot of information. If you still need to know more about this, we have made quick note of some of the data that now exists on adult sex toys. Sex toys are quite popular and have their market share that exemplifies such popularity. People spend thousands of dollars on sex toys in the United States and around the world. It is a billion dollar industry. In Vermont, more people buy sex toys today than ever. The same is true for New England, but Vermont tops the list. In the United Kingdom, butt plugs and other anal products are more popular. People in Britain also purchase more BDSM gear than people who live elsewhere. In Australia, people that reside in the major cities tend to shop for sex toys more than those who reside out in the country areas. It is mostly younger people that live in the cities and they are the ones buying the majority of sex toys online. There are some shoppers in Australia, the United States and Europe that buy other things like enema and douches, lubricants and lingerie. People in Germany stick to items such as nipple clamps and clit clamps Many Americans purchase more dildos and vibrators than consumers in other countries. It could be that it is cheaper and less complex to use.

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