The Ultimate AdultHookup Guide To Online Sex Stories


Let's face it, when it comes to erotica, the last thing you want is to invest time in a lackluster story that makes you want to slam your laptop closed without any gratification. With so much amateur writing out there, it can be hard to find something that is sure to get you going. Enter: The Ultimate Adulthookup Guide To Online Sex Stories. We have scoured the dark depths of the web so you don't have to! Bringing you only the best online sex stories, guaranteed to keep you up... at night. We've compiled a handy list for your reading pleasure. Take a look below to find out more about what we have to offer...

So What Is A "Sex Story"?


Sex Stories, also frequently referred to as "erotica", are written for one purpose- to awaken sexual desire in its reader. Its goal is to arouse you. The content itself differs based on the person. We all have our own particular sexual fascinations. What we yearn for, what we crave- these appetites can be diverse even just for one person, let alone many. So a sex story itself is best defined in general terms. They can range from explicit and graphic in nature, to something as simple as a sensual poem or naughty limerick. Whether it be erotic fiction, true stories, or even illustrations, there are many acceptable forms of sexual storytelling, and Adulthookup wants to help you explore them all. Give yourself the opportunity to awaken new sexual desires through the power of story.

What You Can Expect To Find

As you browse through our curated finds, you will notice a wealth of top quality online story sources. With a wide range of interests, passions, and curiosities proudly represented, there is definitely something for everyone. You can find generalized categories to satisfy your most basic needs or explore stories with a more narrow focus on more exotic areas that entice you. Whether you desire erotic fiction or true sex stories, you will find pieces of written work that cover a broad range of interests within these two categories.

Exploring Erotic Fiction

Get ready to have some fun! The sky is the limit when it comes to erotic fiction. An intense world building experience allows you to delve into desires in other realms and across all genres. If you are someone who enjoys an edgy fantasy, one that sparks a bit of fear to keep you on curled toes, then perhaps erotic horror is for you. If characters are your thing, and you find yourself aroused by the imaginations of established authors like Tolkien and Rowling, then you will definitely want to unearth the sensuality played up in fan fiction. There are so many options included for more inventive stimulation.

Tantalizing True Stories


AdultHookup has a lot of recommendations for real stories from real people. Read real accounts of true sexual interactions in a multitude of situations. Amateur authors share detailed stories that describe their first time or steamy encounters they had with total strangers in public places. Learn what married couples find so enticing about the swinger lifestyle, or how someone stumbled into an exciting situation that led them to explore outside of their heterosexuality.

Safe, Secure, Discreet

One of the benefits of having a quality source like AdultHookup is peace of mind. Aside from the fact that it's incredibly convenient to have links to superior content right at your fingertips, you can surf through it safely knowing exactly what you are in for. If what you are looking for is access to free content that is actually worth your time, we have a section for that. If you're looking to step it up to a premium membership, we have highlighted some of the top sites that offer the best bang for your buck. Whether your membership is free or paid, we only recommend sites that offer the utmost discretion when it comes to notifications and billing.

In the age of consent, the sites we recommend also adhere to standards and practices that they hold themselves to, and pride themselves in. These sites monitor the user-generated content and rely on the members of their community to keep the stories, and forums safe spaces for sexual exploration and expression.

Become An Erotic Storyteller

If you have burning desires and fantasies that you wish to share, there is no better time than the present. AdultHookup acts as an excellent resource to budding erotic authors, and seasoned storytellers. This site is an asset to anyone looking for a place to host and share their original work. New to writing, and feeling inspired? These sites are a fantastic way to test out material and expand your erotic horizons. Get rated, get feedback, on some sites you can even get featured! Many of the sites highlighted in our lists even offer contests where authors have the opportunity to win prizes. Reading erotic fiction and sexual stories is basically, and very literally, reading for pleasure. If you are inclined to share your creative passion for sensual storytelling with others, you may reach new heights in the pleasure these sites can bring to you. A well rounded sexual experience is about give and take. So why not enjoy giving a little, so your take away can be more fulfilling!

Audio And Visual

Now HERE is an AV Club everyone wants to a part of! Many of these sites offer more than just lust-filled language and wild wordplay. They are packed with the additional perks of both audio and visual elements to get the most out of your experience, appealing to all the senses. Listen to stories of sexual encounters, or audio sex tracks, and understand the delicate intricacies of audible pleasure. The video elements are just your regular, run of the mill porn either! While many of the suggested sites do have pornographic video content, they also offer other options- such as interactive webcam experiences, sultry illustrations, and adult comics!

While the world building and atmosphere lend to the tingling feeling a reader can get when their eyes pass over and take in the words from the page, we cannot forget the powerful storytelling offered audibly and visually. Whether sharing through the power of the written word, or artful illustrations, the point is to bring pleasure to others. Even just as a viewer, reader or subscriber- rating the pieces you enjoy and providing feedback brings pleasure to its creator, and allows the site to continue to effectively curate its content.

It's About Community

We're not just talking about the swinging lifestyle and group sex niches we also cater to; we're talking about connecting you to other like-minded people and continuing to build communities where sexual expression and exploration is accepted and encouraged. Safe spaces where people can exchange ideas and desires, create, and feel free to be themselves without fear of judgment. No one should have to feel alone, or ashamed of their sexual desires, preferences or curiosities.

We offer a variety of places where people are not only free to explore their sexuality and expand their sexual edification, but also a place for art. These sites offer a platform for an artistic style that may not have a home elsewhere. Aspiring erotic authors can learn the ropes, hone their craft, and monitor trends by seeing what stories are in demand to an active audience. The sharing of our very human experiences allows us to understand ourselves better, as well as each other. Insight, support, advice, techniques, product recommendations- there are so many things to share, teach and learn.

And Now For Something Completely Different

We all have secrets. There is a measure of pleasure that comes with unburdening ourselves of the things we hold onto and keep private. Have you broken a rule? Had an affair? Coveted thy neighbors wife? Secretly longed for a same-sex encounter? Wanted more than two hands on your body at one time? Or perhaps something else, niche, taboo, or out of bounds? Part of what makes a really good sex story is that feeling of being in on a secret; of sharing that secret; of feeling connected to that secret because it's something we also desire deep down.

We spend so much of our day to day lives feeling restrained by what our friends, family, and society deem acceptable. If you are done feeling tied down by the disapproving opinions of others, when you'd rather be tied down to the bed instead- then AdultHookup is the perfect place to find your community and an outlet for your creativity and desire.

It's time to do something for yourself. Dive into our directory to see what we have to offer. You are bound to find something that tickles your fantasy, whatever that may be.

The AdultHookup Sex Stories Directory


Alright, here we go! Directly below, you will find the ultimate Adulthookup Sex Stories Directory, complete with links to all of our sex stories categories and their respective pages. Whether you want to stick with what you know in the general sex stories area or try something else on for size in our niche sex stories selection- just start clicking the links below and explore what is out there. You should definitely find what you are seeking, and if you don't- write it yourself and attempt your own creative erotic adventure. It's all just a click away...

What's Next?


So, you skimmed through our links and you want to know what other perks the Adulthookup Sex Stories Directory has to offer before making any sort of commitments, whether it involve time or money or otherwise? Smart. Here are a few more highlights of what these sites have to offer:

Take A Look, It's In An E-Book!

It's not your average reading rainbow, but many of these sites provide access to heftier material in the form of ebooks and printable versions of stories that you can print out and read at your leisure. Let's face it, you want the convenience of the quick access, but we don't all have the time, or desire to sit in front of our screens all day. Download content to your mobile device, or print out a week's worth of reading material for your cottage vacation. This may not be the most in-demand perk, but it's definitely a nice option to know you have in case you need it! Just because your surfing the net, doesn't mean you have to maintain hyper speed. Slow down and enjoy yourself!

Get Interactive!

We have more to offer than just watchable, readable, consumable content. Why sit back and take it when you can be a part of your own exploration? Take a look at some of the more interactive options we offer, like gaming experiences with the Adulthookup Guide To Online Sex Games. Or how about testing yourself with the quizzes that the Adulthookup Guide To Online Sex Quizzes has to offer- Yes? No? Maybe? Or perhaps you want to choose your own adventure? Browse through our recommended list of cam sites Here. We offer comprehensive lists to guide you through your selection. Take to our forums and chat with other like-minded individuals about whatever floats your boat - Adulthookup Forum. Our interactive site and helpful guides have so much to offer. So it's time to get your click on!

Let Adulthookup Hook You Up!

Let us guide you and advise you. Explore our hookup guides for Adulthookup Advice, that you can use to help navigate through the stormy sea of salacious hookup culture. Our site offers many guides and resources to help you find answers, recommendations, and ultimately your way to pleasurable intimate experiences with a partner, many partners, or flying solo! Uncover what you desire!

The Ultimate AdultHookup Guide To Online Sex Stories

Looking for online erotica that will not disappoint? Your search ends here! The Ultimate AdultHookup Guide To Online Sex Stories has everything you need!

The Ultimate AdultHookup Guide To Online Sex Stories